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Ready to Work is an innovative new recruiting, training and placement program
and our educational institution partners. We have partnered with local employers in all areas of
healthcare to help recruit and train qualified staff who can fill open positions.

Candidates who enroll can complete the program requirements online (and in-person for lab

In just 30 days, you can qualify for job placement with one of our employer partners.

Exactly what we said – FREE. You will never see a tuition bill, reimbursement requirement, or any other out-of-pocket expense to participate in this program.

All we ask is for your commitment, motivation, and your time.

We’re looking for candidates who are committed to learn, motivated to complete professional healthcare training and ready to work! Healthcare technicians are in such high demand that employers in your area have banded together to fund training for selected candidates. This candidate-focused model is geared toward finding and cultivating new talent that can shore up the healthcare field for years to come.

Consider this program to be an investment in YOU by your community. This is a fantastic opportunity to start a new career in healthcare, get certified in a healthcare specialty and/or begin a rewarding new position as part of a growing healthcare team.

If you’re motivated and Ready to Work, we’re glad to have you on board! Even if you have little or no healthcare experience – we’re looking for candidates who are reliable, resilient and ready for work.

If you have these qualities, then you’re exactly the right candidate for these jobs — we can teach you the rest!

We’re here to help! You’ll find most common support troubleshooting strategies in our Learner Support center accessible right from your online class. Here you can find a robust set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and/or submit a help ticket any time if you’re still having difficulty. Once we receive your ticket, we’ll be back to you as soon as possible.

Training is provided in partnership with the educational institution assigned to each state. You will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Institution once you successfully complete the program and are placed with a participating employer.

All candidates are approved to start the program. Once you finish and secure placement with a participating employer, you’ll receive your certificate.

Candidates who complete their eLearning program and are successfully placed with a participating employer will receive a Certificate of Completion from the attached college or university partner to Ready to Work. For most programs, there is also an option to challenge one or more national certification exams. Qualifications and requirements to sit for individual certification exams may vary so please check in with the Learner Support team if you’re unclear on how to proceed with the certification exam associated with your field of study.

Yes! All of the Career Tracks offered here were developed to help students obtain a nationally- or industry-recognized certification at the conclusion of the program. Many times, these certifications are required by state regulations in order to work in your selected field but even still, employers are super encouraged to see candidates who’ve committed to earning certification in their field. It shows that you’re really invested in your new career and it really sets you apart from other applicants. Our Learner Support team is also available to help you understand the certifications and credentials available to you and guide you through the registration/application process necessary to earn that credential.

Yes! We have a network of instructors ready to help 24×7 if you have any questions at all. Contact Learner Support for more details.

As part of your program, there is also the opportunity to do live, in-person labs and practical exercises with the instructor holding lab sessions in your area. Once you complete the online portion of the program, we’ll work with you to schedule a time when you can come in to meet with the instructor as part of a small group and go through the lab check-off list.

This way, employers can see that you have the hands-on skills you’ll need for success on the job starting on day one!

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